Here is a nice new video showing massless particles on its way through the flow volume of an oil-free screw compressor. The particles are coloured with velocity. The machine runs with 12,333 rpm (male rotor) and a pressure ratio of 1:3.

The video was generated with ANSYS CFD-Post using a fairly simple script which allows to visualize tracks of massless particles throgh the machine after transient simulation results already exist. Thus it is not necessary to perform multiphase simulation which usually result in much higher computation effort. Taking advantage of this type of visualization enhances the understanding of the flow behaviour inside the machine in a simple way.

Of course this script is also applicable for postprocessing of CFD results of other rotary pd machines such as lobe pumps, gear pumps or scroll compressors and expanders. ANSYS CFD-Post users can contact us in order to get more detailed information.