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A revolutionary meshing solution for reliable CFD analysis of rotary positive displacement machines

TwinMesh automatically generates high quality hexahedral grids for the moving parts of rotary positive displacement machines such as gear, lobe, gerotor and vane pumps or screw and scroll compressors.

TwinMesh is complementary to market leading CFD solvers like Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and Ansys CFD. It allows for reliable CFD analysis of pd machines using all physics available in these CFD software packages.



TwinMesh provides an automated workflow for structured mesh generation and CFD analysis setup of rotary positive displacement machines.



TwinMesh delivers high resolution and high quality numerical grids, avoids interpolation errors and allows the usage of the full range of physics available in major CFD solvers.



Structured grids made with TwinMesh allow for reasonable transient CFD model size while ensuring maximum numerical quality.

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TwinMesh is developed by CFD experts from CFX Berlin Software GmbH, a Siemens Expert Partner and simulation specialist from Germany for over 25 years.

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