2016 has been an exciting year for us. With a steady increase in customer numbers we are very happy to welcome our latest TwinMesh users: Danfoss and Scherzinger Pump Technology. Moreover, we would like to share what Eaton has to say about TwinMesh and CFX.

“Eaton is the worldwide leader in supercharger solutions, with the technology having been selected by numerous premium global vehicle brands. Eaton’s superchargers are designed to improve vehicle fuel efficiency by enabling downsizing, down-speeding, and boost-on-demand. Additionally, superchargers help achieve customer-desired vehicle performance driving characteristics.

The roots-type positive displacement supercharger features twin three or four-lobe rotors that are twisted and intermeshing. Digital prototyping plays a vital role in product development and performance prediction for Eaton superchargers. A CFD tool is therefore required that can quickly and accurately model rotors having tight clearances, while simultaneously handling large pressure gradients.

TwinMesh with its screw compressor template has the capabilities of generating good quality structured mesh for Eaton superchargers with minimal effort and time. The tool, combined with the CFX solver, predicts the flow performance of Eaton superchargers with > 90% accuracy.”

If you are not working with TwinMesh yet, don’t you think that it’s about time? We wish you a Happy New Year 2017 full of health, prosperity and success! We look forward working together with you in 2017 and will make sure that TwinMesh stays faster, more reliable and more efficient for your product development.