We are more than happy to announce that the first international Masters’ Thesis using TwinMesh for mesh generation has recently been completed at Feng Chia University, Taiwan. Under supervision of Professor Jiunn Fang master student Po-Yen Lai successfully finished his “Analysis of the second stage of an oil free screw compressor”. Besides analysing the flow dynamics of the screw compressor using TwinMesh and ANSYS CFX Po-Yen looked also into thermal and mechanical machine behaviour performing FSI calculations with ANSYS Mechanical. We do not understand everything due to language barriers but at least we can provide you with an English abstract:

“Oil-free screw compressor has been commonly used in industry because of its convenience and low cost. This research analyzes the process of second-stage compression in oil-free screw compressor with numerical computation software, so that we can know how the fluid works in compressing process. We test two different outlet boundaries with CFX in ANSYS Workbench, get the result of fluid analysis which shows the final exporting pressure is about 8 atm under the fixed rotation speed. After exporting the results of pressure and temperature, import those data to Static Structural in ANSYS Workbench for one way Fluid-structure interaction, in that way, we can realize how temperature affects rotor structure.

In the part of fluid analysis result, we found that two cases had reached the target pressure by observing the result curve. The average temperature of the fluid is 177 C°, and the rotation power is calculated by using the torque of rotors.

In the part of Fluid-Structure Interaction result, both of the two rotors’ deformation reached about 0.08mm. It might cause the interference when the system is operating.”

We congratulate Po-Yen to his Masters’ Degree, especially since he did not need much support from us. Well Done!

Thesis of Lai: The Analysis of the Second Stage of an Oil Free Screw Compressor